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here to give you a daily dose of keith urban

The #1 Source For Keith Urban Pictures
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The best source for Keith Urban photos.
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est. April 2005

This is a community where you can get your daily fix of pictures of the very talented and sexy Keith Urban.
Everyday there will be new pictures of Keith Urban so you can oogle at the sight of this beautiful man!

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o1. Every post must have at least ONE picture in it. Afterall this is a picture community. This is not a community for you to post questions, gossip, express your opinions, etc. If you'd like to do this, there are plenty of other Keith Urban communities that would fit your needs.

o2. Absolutely no direct linking/hotlinking. Don't direct link an image off any site except your own. Direct linking steals bandwith & often costs site owners money. This also means that you are not to direct link to any images shown in the community. This will not be tolerated in any way.

o3. Cut pictures & posts. If you're going to be posting a large image and/or more than one image please take into consideration the other members of the community. Some members are on slower modems, and it could be a hassle. If you do not know how to lj-cut click here.

o4. Enjoy yourself. This is a community dedicated to Keith Urban, so if you're not a fan please don't join. But all Keith Urban fans are welcome!

Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted
If these rules keep being broken, then you will be banned from the community. So please follow the rules, we don't want to ban anybody.

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Moderator: azaelias aka Courtney

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